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About Me

I am a visual artist who took a twenty-five year detour through landscape architecture, urban design and horticulture, however my love of art continued through these professional years and finally I found my way back to a full time painting practice and doing what I love most, making art every day.

My interests cover a variety of subject matter, however there are two main themes that I find myself returning to on a regular basis. Figurative works that include elements of historical costume or unique dress provide me with continual creative challenges; using a collage based approach I attempt to construct narrative paintings which are inspired by myths and fairy tales, weaving a unique take on an old stories using a combination of unrelated visual elements.

My paintings of street and garden details are inspired by my work in landscape and urban design, and I am particularly attracted to those unspoiled times and places which remind me of my childhood. There is an element of nostalgia in the streets, buildings and gardens depicted in these works, and I hope they also resonate with others by recalling a time when life was less complicated.

Painting in a flattened graphic style, I aim to build strong compositions which play with shape, colour, pattern, and the effects of light. I have won numerous awards for my work and have held several solo exhibitions. My paintings have been purchased by collectors both in Australia and overseas.



Finalist, Kennedy Art Prize, 2019
Finalist, Ravenswood Women’s Art Prize, 2019
Finalist, Muswellbrook Art Prize, 2019
Finalist, Muswellbrook Art Prize, 2018
Winner, Mid North Coast Art Prize, 2015
First Prize, oil and acrylic section, Mid North Coast Art Prize, 2015
Winner, Mid North Coast Art Prize, 2014
Winner, Mid North Coast Art Prize, 2013
Finalist, Naked and Nude Art Prize, 2013
Emerging Artist, Mid North Coast Art Prize, 2012